Watertight, Gastight
and Environmentally
Sound sealing systems

Fire Protection

A powerful watertight and gastight solution for penetrating fire-rated walls and floors. Fire tested in accordance with BS EN1366-3 and certified to provide 4 hours of active fire protection. Our cables are guaranteed to last 50+ years.

Flood Protection

An effective an easy-to-install solution providing protection against water, rodent, and gas ingress. Suitable for all types of metallic and plastic pipes, and guaranteed to provide 50+ years of successful operation in even the harshest environmental conditions.

We provide a watertight, gastight, and environmentally sound sealing solution

Serving multiple industry sectors, our sealing solutions can protect your facility from water ingress. From the initial enquiry review, the design solution process, through to installation and certification, Sealtight’s comprehensive service ensures your facility is provided with a lasting solution.

of our


01 | Evaluate

Our experienced team will meticulously inspect your project and evaluate the requirements for your facility. We will then develop a solution and provide a costed proposal.

02 | Supply

We work with our partner supply chain to deliver viable sealing solutions that will protect your facilities from water, gas, and/or rodent ingress. Our product solutions have undergone extensive testing in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality, with all documentation available on request.

03 | Install

Our in-house team will install the appropriate sealing solutions with the utmost efficiency and attention to detail. Our technical support team are readily available to answer any queries you may have, both during and after the installation process.

04 | Certify

Upon completion of installation, we will photograph, label, and sign off works to confirm that all seals comply with the manufacturer’s requirements. Once this has been done, your business will be supplied with a project-specific compliance certificate and a detailed register of seals.

Why choose Sealtight solutions

Our products are industry approved solutions supplied by established manufacturers.
Each Sealtight product is manufactured to our strict specifications. 

CSD Sealing Solution benefits:

  • Defense against water, gas, and rodent ingress.
  • Eco conscious.
  • 50+ years of tested sealing protection.
  • Easily fitted to any size or shape of opening.
  • Long-term cable support for trefoil and large power cables.
  • Easy reentry for adding or removing cables in the future.
  • Resistant to submersion in petrol and diesel.
  • Resistant to submersion in methane, hydrogen sulfide, and chloride.
  • A cost effective Totex solution.
  • WIMES, APEA, ATEX, and DSEAR compliant.
  • Rigorously tested.

Roxtec Sealing Solution benefits:

  • Simple insertion into metal sleeves or core drilled holes.
  • Flexible three part construction.
  • Readily adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes.
  • Easy to install around an existing cable or pipe due to its split construction.
  • Able to hold up to three cables/pipes.
  • Expertly made for cables in single or trefoil formations.


Sealtight offers the most durable, versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally-sound sealing solutions on the market, installed and certified to industry standards. Our products are used extensively in critical applications across a wide variety sectors.

Data Centres

Sealtight seals provide unparalleled asset protection, sealing service entry points, switch rooms, data halls, and many other critical assets.


Our watertight and airtight seals will secure your facility, providing the best sealing solution from a watertight and environmental perspective.

Electrical Sub Stations

Sealtight can provide a watertight solution that will ensure facilities remain dry and prevent the flooding of sub-stations.

Water Treatment

Our WIMES certified sealing options have been used throughout the water treatment industry and are a recognised and respected solution.


Sealtight protects your important equipment and components, keeping things operating at optimal levels. Additionally, our sealing solutions will help you achieve maximum energy efficiency.


Sealtight’s watertight, airtight, and rodent-proof seals are your first line of defense against contamination. Our stellar products and professional installation will ensure that your manufacturing and storage processes are never compromised. 

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Whatever your industry sector or requirement, Sealtight Solutions will help create the most secure environment for your business assets by providing a watertight, gastight, and/or rodent-proof environmental solution. Contact us today to discuss your options and let us answer any queries you may have. 

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